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Tree Seedling Orders Now Available

Do you want to plant trees on your property? Our Tree Seedling Program for residents is in its third year, and orders are now open!

Saddle Hills County initiated a Tree Seedling Program in the spring of 2023, for residents to order tree species for planting within Saddle Hills County boundaries. There are a variety of species available through the Agricultural Services Department.

Available species include white spruce, Colorado spruce, lodgepole pine, hybrid spruce, white birch, saskatoons, trembling aspen, hybrid poplar, chokecherry, red osier dogwood, golden willow, bebb willow, silver buffaloberry, sea buckthorn, common lilac, amber maple, sensation lilac, and dwarf spruce.

For details on individual species, we have compiled a handy brochure: Shelterbelt Species Quick Facts.

If you are interested in learning about which tree species are most suited to our area, please visit our Tree Resources page to see a list of Cold Hardy Prairie Trees. There is also a variety of other information, including articles and fact sheets on tree care, as well as a Tree Resources Booklet, for those interested in learning more. 

For a full list of the species, prices, and to place an order, please complete a Tree Seedling Order Form. Species will be removed as they sell out.

To be eligible to participate, you must be a registered landowner in Saddle Hills County and trees can only be planted within the County's boundaries. 

  • Participants will be restricted to one order per year.
  • Participant order fulfillment could be limited based on available supply.
  • Participants shall have completed the Tree Seedling Order Form and Agreement prior to planting.

County staff will be responsible for placing the seedling orders and coordinating pick-up dates and times with the participants.

For more information on the program, including pricing, visit 

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