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Rural Potable Water Sign-Up

Through the Rural Potable Water Project, the County is investing in the infrastructure necessary to provide potable water directly to rural properties. Council consider expansions to the program annually, based on the interest expressed by residents.

To express interest in the program and sign up to have a Rural Water Hook-up at your property, please complete a Rural Potable Water Servicing Agreement, either online or at the County Office. 

As of 2024, Council invites residents of Fourth Creek, Gordondale, Happy Valley, Ksituan, Savanna, Silver Valley, and Westmark as identified in the attached map, to sign-up to be connected to the Rural Potable Water Network to have water delivered to their residence. These areas have been selected as a logical sequence to the County’s existing rural water infrastructure. There is no financial contribution required at the time of sign-up or once waterline is installed.

If Council deems the responses from an area to represent sufficient public demand, and the project meets the other criteria of Council’s policy, they may include a new waterline expansion in that area in their 2025 budget.

For any questions or help completing your application, please contact Manager of Environmental Services, Darren Lubeck, at (780) 864-3760 or email

For those who are currently ineligible for the Rural Potable Water Project, we also offer a Water Cistern Subsidy and Remote Potable Water Hauling Subsidy

* Saddle Hills County Council removed the $10,000 Rural Potable Water connection fee, and have reimbursed all residents who have paid, or are paying, the fee.

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