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Remote Potable Water Hauling Subsidy

The Remote Potable Water Hauling Subsidy has been created to provide a fair and equitable subsidy to Saddle Hills County residences that will not be able to connect to the Rural Potable Waterline, as outlined in Policy UT02

As per Guideline 1b. Council have prescribed Gundy, from Township Road 770 to Township Road 752, and from Range Road 125 west to the B.C. border, as the first location eligible for the subsidy, as shown in the map below.

Eligible residences will receive subsidies at a rate of $15 per cubic meter, not exceeding 120 cubic meters, to a maximum of $1,800 per year. Please submit a separate application for each residence on the property.

Please note that the subsidy will only be funded once per residence, per calendar year and that the water must be for domestic use only.

Each year, residents will be required to complete a Remote Potable Water Hauling Subsidy Application to be included in the subsidy. Before January 31 of the following calendar year, the same form will need to be completed with the inclusion of receipts. We encourage residents to register as soon as possible, as you can only be reimbursed for expenses incurred after that date. For example, those who register on January 31 will not be able to claim for expenses incurred January 1-30.

You must submit valid documentation showing the date the water was hauled or purchased within the year and the number of cubic meters purchased. This documentation will then be used to reimburse you.

The program begins in 2024 and does not cover expenses incurred in 2023. Residents who sign up now will need to submit their receipts for 2024 before January 1, 2025. You will need to re-apply each year to be included in the following year's subsidy. 

You can apply for the subsidy online using our Remote Potable Water Hauling Subsidy Application or by completing a paper form, which can be submitted at the County office during regular business hours, or mailed to us at:

Saddle Hills County

RR1, Spirit River, AB. T0H 3G0

If you have any questions about the subsidy or the rural potable water project, please contact us at or call (780) 864-3760.

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