Enjoy County's New Toboggan Hill Safely

Image of Saddle Hills Toboggan Hill

Now that the snow is here, we hope everyone will take the opportunity to enjoy Saddle Hills County's new 'Saddle Hills County Slopes' toboggan hill which is situated right behind the new Savanna water treatment plant and truckfill  just to the North of Highway #681 about two and a half kilometers east of the Savanna School.

The County is still waiting for the equipment to arrive which will allow the onsite washroom to be open during hours of usage. Keep watching our social media accounts for an announcement when that arrives.

Please remember: the area is unsupervised and residents use it at their own risk. Parental supervision and use of helmets is highly recommended.  No drugs, alcohol, campfires or open burning are allowed. Motorized vehicles are prohibited on the hill.

We've reproduced the sign which is onsite which lists all of the rules for using the hill. Thank you and please enjoy yourself safely.

Image of toboggan hill sign