Below you can find all the forms and applications available on our website. You can either fill them out yourself, or you can come to the office, and a member of our staff will be happy to help you fill your forms out. For more information, contact us

COVID-19 Grocery and Medications Application



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Agriculture Forms

Do Not Spray Agreement 

Equipment Rental Agreement

Fenceline Spraying Agreement

Livestock Protection Application 

Community & Protective Services Forms

Controlled Burn Notification

Dog License Application

Emergency Social Services Application

Fire Services Application for Membership

Medical First Responder Application

Spring Lake Campground Seasonal Campsites * Form unavailable. Only daily rental sites 1 - 38 are currently available through Camp Reservations Canada .

Training Registration

Community Development

Child Care Subsidy Program Application

(Additional Child/Provider Form)

Home Support Services Application

Corporate Services Forms

Bursary Application Form

Capital Grant Application Form

Capital Grants - Acknowledgement of Compliance

Cemetery Maintenance Grant Application Form

Change of Address

Operating Grant Application Form

Program and Activity Grant Application Form

School Support Form

Tax Certificate Request Form

Tax Installment Payment Plan (TIPP) Application Form

Council and Administration Forms

Application for Public-at-Large Position

Council Meeting Delegation Form

Volunteer Nomination Form

Operations Forms

Dust Control Application Form

Privately-Owned Equipment Registration Form

Snow Plow Agreement Form

Utility Account - Move out

Utility Account - New Move In

Rural Potable Water Servicing Agreement 

Water Cistern Subsidy Program Application Form (Part of Policy #UT01)

Water Line Locate Request Form

Water Service Connection Agreement Form

Planning & Information Services Forms

Development Forms*

 Our planning forms are available in fillable pdf format below. When you have filled out the necessary form you can email it to us, fax it to us at 780-864-3904, or mail it to us at: Saddle Hills County Planning and Information Systems Department, RR#1, Spirit River, AB, T0H 3G0.

Form A - Development Permit Application

Form A-1 - Sign Development Permit Application

Form A-2 - Home Based Business Development Permit Application

Form A-3 - Business Development Permit Application

Form A-4 - Development Permit Time Extension Application

Form C - Subdivision Application

Form C-1 - Designation of Authorized Agent Subdivision Application

Form C-2 - Subdivision TIme Extension Application

Form D - Development Appeal Application

Form E - Subdivision Appeal Application

Form H - LUB Amendment Application


Schedule A - Application to Lease, License, or Purchase Road Allowance

Schedule B - Cancel Road Allowance Lease/License