Community Centres

If you're looking for a venue to host a party, event, meeting, or any other gathering, contact one of our local community halls and they'll be happy to have you!

Check out our Community Calendar to see what's going on in the County, or to add an event.

Blueberry Mountain Hall 

Managed by Blueberry Mountain Goodwill Society

East of the Blueberry Store, on Sec. Hwy 680

View on Google Maps  |  (780) 864-8467


Bonanza Hall

Managed by the Bonanza & District Ag Society

Sec. Hwy 719, across from the Bonanza School

View on Google Maps


Leanna Shore

(780) 353-3771 | |


Cotillion Hall

Managed by Cotillion Butte Recreation Association

Rge. Rd. 121, north of Twp. Rd. 822

View on Google Maps


Chris & Melissa Sorensen

(780) 864-5759 / (780) 864-5150


Fourth Creek Community Hall

Managed by the Fourth Creek Community Association

North Junction of Sec. Hwy. 725 and Sec. Hwy 681

View on Google Maps


Lyla Yanishewski

(780) 500-6441 | | 


Gordondale Community Hall

Managed by the Gordondale Community Club

1/2 mile South of Hwy. 49 on Rge. Rd. 105

View on Google Maps


Carla & Kelsey Day

(780) 864-1801 / (780) 978-0996 |


 Gundy Community Hall

North of Twp. Rd. 765 in Gundy, AB

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(780) 518-4796

 Happy Valley Ag & Recreation Club

Managed by the Happy Valley Ag & Recreation Club

Twp. Rd. 782, West of Rge. Rd. 75 (beside the Happy Valley Firehall)

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Chanley Jassman

(780) 864-8322 |


Savanna Recreational Complex

Managed by the Savanna Agricultural Society

Sec. Hwy. 681, across from the Savanna School

View on Google Maps


Pat McIssac

(780) 351-3808 / (780) 351-2574 |


Silver Valley Community Hall


Note: Silver Valley Community Hall has not currently re-opened.

Westmark Hall

Managed by the Westmark Farmers League

Sec. Hwy 677, 13 km west of Woking, AB

View on Google Maps


Lynne Muehrer

(780) 774-2193


Woking Community Hall

Managed by Woking Willing Workers

5104 50th Street in Woking, AB

View on Google Maps 


Denise van Rootselaar

(780) 774-2271 |


 Woking Multiplex

Woking Multiplex logoWoking Multiplex has space for rent! Contact us at or 780-882-0380.

5245 51 Street, T0H3V0



Woking Multiplex