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Image of Person Standing in FieldSaddle Hills County has a strong and dynamic business community comprised of small, medium and big operations in agriculture, oil and gas, forestry as well as a number of small businesses serving those industries and the general public.

The County has partnered with the Central Peace Signal newspaper to provide feature stories on some of the businesses in our community and the people who make them work. You can find many local businesses in our Business Directory.  If your business is not yet listed please get in touch with our Communications Coordinator to arrange for a free listing.


Anne’s Greenhouse

Anne's Grennhouse FlowerAnne's Greenhouse is a fixture in the lives of serious gardeners and amateurs alike in Saddle Hills County and the Central Peace . Once you turn off Highway 49 and go north on Secondary Highway 725 (or the Moonshine Lake road), you travel to the intersection where the Fourth Creek Community Center is. From this point on there are signs at every corner. Only seven miles from this point. 

Always open the Monday before Mother’s Day. Open seven days a week, even on holidays, from 10am to 8pm.

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Bay Tree Market on 49

Image of Bay Tree Market logoOn Tuesday, June 2, 2020, vendors descended on the Bay Tree skating rink, just a tad east from the Bay Tree Store, for the season opener of the first-ever Bay Tree Market on 49, which Heather Porrill, who owns Buttery Bites Caramels, has been spearheading with the sponsorship of the Bonanza Agricultural Society. An Alberta-approved farmer’s market, Bay Tree Market on 49 takes place from 11am to 1pm every Tuesday from June  to September. 

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Bloom Yoga

Bloom Yoga logo*Please Note: Last Sessions being offered February 28, 2021

To combat physical and mental stress, it is said there could not be a better thing than practicing yoga. Let’s start off by asking how you are offering yoga classes during this time of self-distancing.

Yes, yoga is a beneficial practice in general, both physically and mentally. It is especially valuable in times such as these. We’ve moved classes online for the time being. They are accessible via our Facebook page @bloomyoga11. Or contact me at (780) 814-3562.

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Breton Plumbing and Heating

A locally owned and operated plumbing and heating company located in Saddle Hills County.
Specializing in service, new construction, and renovations!
Red Seal Certified Plumber and Class B Gasfitter.
24/7 Emergency Call-out Available
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Burnt River Ranch

Currently raising pastured pork and chicken (grass-fed and grass-finished), eggs, laying breed birds and hatching eggs.

First Gen Farmers, But Not Really

Image of Burnt River Ranch logoOur farm is deeply rooted by the farmers that came before us. But, they came upon some bad luck and hard times and no longer had a farm to hand down to us, so here we are, starting over from scratch. Literally.
When we got our ranch it was plain dirt. Overgrown trees. Old fencing that needed removed.

We started with nothing. 

Everything we have, we had to work for. Kind of like our ancestors.

We often live by the motto, "Make do, or do without."
People thought we were nuts to pursue this path, but it's all we ever wanted and it's what we continue to sacrifice for.

When nobody believed in us, we had to believe in ourselves.
We hope you enjoy following along in our journey.

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Buttery Bites Caramels

 Image of Buttery Bites logoBefore Buttery Bites Caramels came to fruition in late 2004, owner Heather Porrill had searched for the perfect caramel that would fill her with excitement. Alas, it never happened. So, after a bit of research and experimenting, she developed a caramel recipe that she could be proud of. With only five simple ingredients, Heather created an extraordinarily creamy caramel – just like grandma used to make. The richness and flavor prove there are no half measures used when preparing these indulgent treats.

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Chinook Valley Golf Course

Image of Chinook logoChinook Valley offers a limited number of exclusive camping sites for the full summer season.
These stalls are fully serviced. Club membership is required. Unfortunately, we are full at this time but have started development on a new exclusive area.

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Daisy Hill Home & Garden

Image of Daisy Hill logoAnnuals, succulents, hanging baskets, veggies, and a few herbs as well as some planters and gardening decor.

Open 7 days a week from 10 am to 7pm (BC time)


- From Dawson Creek - Instead of going left to the Bay Tree Store, you take a right hand turn, follow the road to the riaght and go all the way to the top of the hill to the last house on the right.

- From Spirit River - Instead of going right to the Bay Tree Store you take a left hand turn, follow the road to the right and go all the way to the top of the hill to the last house on the right.

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Dandelion on the Prairie

Image of Dandelion on the Prairie logoDandelion on the Prairie is a monthly subscription box currently marketed towards women with the possibility of having one for men in the future. The box contains items made by Canadians from all over Canada. I aim to find items that are sustainably, ethically or naturally made.

Each box will contain 3-5 items. Products can be anything from beauty, self-care, home decor, snacks, scarves, to teas and coffees.

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Diverse Drilling Ltd.

Image of Darren Bates Diverse DrillingAlthough we are called Diverse Drilling, I would not call us a drilling company, per se, as we have diversified over the years. Like any other oilfield service company, we work long hours under changing weather conditions and encounter new challenges everyday.

That being said we have a great group of employees who are up to these challenges, and the people that we work for have been excellent to deal with – which makes day-to-day operations much more enjoyable.

(Central Peace Signal Photo)

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  • Location: PO Box 73, Baytree, AB T0H 0A0
  • Phone: (780) 933-3137
  • E-mail:
  • Web:

Essentials 2 Grief Transformation

Kimberly Talmey, Grief Counselor and Coach

Image of Kimberly TalmeyI am a Certified Mental Health Coach (depression, anxiety, mental illness), Assist Suicide Prevention Coach (Suicide Prevention), Grief and Loss Coach (11 major loss areas in life), and Life Purpose and Spiritual Coach (purpose and identity).

I also have a Degree in Biblical Counseling specializing in Trauma Counseling , Complex Grief and Loss Counseling, Grief Counseling, Grief Share and Trauma Recovery Groups.

I am the in house Grief Counselor for Oliver's Funeral Home and have an office at Essentials Cremations in Grande Prairie, Ab. as well as a home office near Woking, AB. and I also provide online coaching and counseling through Zoom, FB Messenger, and Phone consultations. 

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 Force Action In Development

Force Action In Development logoAt Force Action in Development, people of all ages learn life skills in an environment where horses are the teachers. 

Our Teachers are 1200 lbs

There is no pushing around these teachers. Our participants will have to step up because if a horse doesn’t have a leader, they will become the leader.

They are a prey animal

This means their senses are highly astute. They can hear our heart beat and they will react the slightest changes within a team - allowing facilitators to find those “teachable moments.”

They are just like us...sort of

Herds to horses are just like teams to people. Horses require a leader that they trust and respect, just like we need in life. This gives us the ability to parallel everything that happens to real life so the learning sticks!

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NaR Environmental Ltd

Image of Riley Nooy, left, and Nick Boivin with their skid steer mulcherNaR Environmental offers vegetation control services and management solutions for industrial, landscape, forestry and agricultural customers across the Peace Country. 

- Spraying: Herbicide application to control noxious and unwanted weeds around leases, gas plants, rights of way and fence lines.

- Mowing of ditches to control unwanted weeds.

- Flare Blackening: Tillage around flare stacks for fire prevention and safety.

- Mulching: Skid steer mulcher used for cleanup of deadfall, unwanted trees and clearing of new development and fence lines.

- Skid Steer Services: All general services such as snow removal and dirt work.

(Central Peace Signal Photo)

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  • Location: 7220 Highway 680, Blueberry Mountain
  • Phones: (780) 864-8248 | (403) 896-5679
  • E-mail:

 Northwoods Farm

Image of Debra and Vern LaRochelle of Northwoods FarmDebra and Verlin LaRochelle own and operate Northwoods Farm in Silver Valley. The LaRochelles describe their operation as 'regenerative agriculture.'  Debra describes the process this way: "We are farming with the intention of continually improving our land base by observing and working with nature. We approach our farm as an ecosystem. By restoring natural relationships between different elements on our farm, we can improve the health of the whole system – from the micro-organisms in the soil to the food we produce."

The LaRochelles raise beef, pork and lamb and sell grass-finished beef, pastured lamb, pastured pork, and pastured fresh eggs. Says Debra, "We have meat to sell by the package, and we also, at times, have whole lambs and beef by the half or whole. A new product I hope will be available this winter is wool yarn and socks from our sheep flock’s annual shearing."

(Central Peace Signal Photo)

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Patch Welding Ltd.

Image of Patych Welding Business CardShaun Kaiser has been working as a welder for over 17 years and started contracting in 2010. He is available all over Alberta and Northeastern BC  offering Portable B-Pressure and CWB Welding Services.

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South on 62 Performance Horses

Image of horsesSouth on 62 Performance Horses is owned and operated by Juanita Schock. Juanita brings loads of knowledge and experience to our community. A well established APHA breeding program, focusing on quality of horse and breeding with a splash of colour. South on 62 Performance Horses also offers high end closer heard meat goats for your consideration, focusing on Spanish cashmere and kikos. We are also very proud of our Australian Cattle dog program, genetically tested and form strong working stock we can track for generations; providing us with some of the best all round Heelers in the area.

We are very pleased to be able to offer our facilities to the local equine 4h club, HORSIN Around 4h is brand new this year and we can’t wait to watch them flourish.”

There is plenty of parking, a round about for easy trailer access and thanks to our amazing county the range road leading up to our yard is always maintained!

South on 62 Performance Horses is also currently the home ground for Creative Counselling Services and will be offering equine riding lessons in the near future!

 Central Peace Signal Q&A Feature Coming Soon

Location: Woking, Alberta

Phone: 403-330-7184

Facebook: @southon62performancehorses

T.H. Farrier Service

Image of Travis HouleA farrier takes care of horse hooves, shoeing them if they need protection. The job involves a lot of knowledge of and care for the animal’s feet, with additional skills in working with metal, bending and shaping it to fit a horse’s hoof. However, to me, it means so much more than that. The connection between a horse and its owner is such a strong bond. And to be able to help keep horses in shape and allow the care for the feet that they walk on is such an honour.

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Location: Silver Valley

Phone: (780) 500-9713


The Goat Patch

Image of the Goat Patch logoShaun and Mallory Kaiser started raising goats in 2014, in Hines Creek, where they purchased a small cross trip (trip is the goat meaning for herd) of miniature cross dairy goats from our neighbour. In 2015, they  purchased their first 12 Kiko goats. The Kaisers moved to the Saddle Hills County in 2017 to grain farm  and continue our Kiko goat breeding program.

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True Balance Tire Shop

Image of tiresIt was a Saturday. Ron Dyck didn’t realize until past mid-afternoon that one of the tires of his vehicle was deflated. He needed the vehicle the following day; he must, therefore, get a flat repair. He investigated his options and then decided to drive 90-95 kilometers to Dawson Creek, instead of Spirit River, a 70-kilometer distance from where he was in Silver Valley. This day being a Saturday, the Dawson Creek location was the one that stayed open for a full day until 5pm.

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  • Location: Silver Valley
  • Phone: (780) 361-2660 


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