Veterinary Services

Our residents deserve great veterinary service at a reasonable price. We offer our Veterinary Services Incorporated (VSI) Program to split veterinary costs with the ranchers in our community.

To benefit from this program, enter a VSI Agreement with us and we will give you a unique VSI Number. You will have to renew your membership annually, but your VSI Number lasts for life, even if you leave or re-enter the program.

Have a look at the VSI Coverage Schedule A to see all the services the program covers. See VSI Schedule B for services not covered by the program.

If you use more than $100.00 through the program, you will be mailed a, “Statement of Farm Support Payments,” each spring for tax purposes. Your entire benefit is taxable at 100% to yourself or your business

To apply for a VSI number, to withdraw from the program, and let us know if you change your address in address, contact our Agricultural Coordinator.

The Province's Agriculture Page has a variety of resources to help Albertan producers.