Below is a list of our cemeteries with locations.  

Cemetery Locations
Cemetery Name:Legal Land Description:

Northmark Church Cemetery

SE 25-76-7-6

Northmark Public Cemetery

NW 13-76-7-6

Gundy-Hays Cemetery

NE 30-76-13-6

Greenway Cemetery

NW 28-78-5-6

Gordondale Cemetery Association

SE 13-79-11-6

Bonanza & District Ag Society- Bonanza Hillhaven Cemetery

NW 34-79-12-6

Briar Ridge Cemetery Society

SE 25-78-14-6

Russian Greek Orthodox Church Cemetery

NE 24-79-7-6

St.Peter & Paul Ukrainian Orthodox Church Cemetery

NW 10-80-7-6

Ukrainian Baptist Church Cemetery

NW 11-80-7-6

Ksituan Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery

NE 33-79-7-6

Blueberry Mountain Cemetery Committee- Blueberry Mtn Cemetery

NW 11-80-8-6

Blueberry Mountain Cemetery Committee- Land of Rest Cemetery

SW 17-80-6-6

Alexview Cemetery

NW 15-81-9-6

Woking Greek Orthodox Church

SW 19-76-5-6

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