Saddle Hills County is proud to have three rural schools locating within our boundaries. Most children living in Saddle Hills County are served by the Peace Wapiti School Division No. 76. Bus Transportation to all three schools located in Saddle Hills County is provided by the School Division. To find the school nearest you, contact the Peace Wapiti School Division at (780) 532-8133. 

 Bonanza School

Legal Land Location: SE 8-80-12-W6

Box 150, Bonanza, AB, T0H 0K0

Phone: (780) 353-3788

“Learning Together –Succeeding Together”

Bonanza School is located 130 Km northwest of Grande Prairie and 40 km east of Dawson Creek, British Columbia. Our program serves students from Kindergarten to Grade 8. Upon completing Grade 8, students are transferred to Savanna School. Some choose to attend South Peace School or Central Middle School in Dawson Creek, B.C.

 Savanna School

Legal Land Description: SE 25-81-10-W6

Box 48, Silver Valley, AB, T0H 3E0

Phone: (780) 351-3771

Mission Statement: At Savanna School we will focus on respectful relationships while providing rural students with opportunities for individual academic success, active living and positive contributions to their school, local, and global communities.

Savanna School is a rural K-12 school located in the community of Savanna. The area is approximately 50 km in diameter. Our school, along with a recreation complex, forms the community center. Located conveniently across the road from the Rec­Plex, students have quick access to after-school programs. Savanna School is happy to be partnered with the Saddle Hills County Municipal Library board to form a municipal library within the school.

 Woking School - Slated to Close after 2020-2021 school year

Please Note: The Woking School is slated to close at the end of the 2020-2021. See the full story on the Peace Wapiti Public School Division (PWPSD) website.


Civic Address: 5045 52nd Avenue, Woking, Alberta

Box 119, Woking, AB, T0H 3V0

Phone: (780) 774-3932

Mission Statement: It is the mission of Woking School to create a nurturing, welcoming environment, which promotes excellence in academics and social development through responsible decision-making and opportunities for students, parents, community members and staff to work together in a variety of positive learning situations.

Woking School provides a unique approach to Kindergarten to Grade 8 education by starting each day with a 45 minute community class where all students have the opportunity to work together in one space. The result is a strong feeling of belonging within the school and the creation of relationships between students of all grades and ages. For the rest of the day, students spend time learning and working in a multi-graded format. We are currently in the process of creating a Learning Commons, which is a dedicated space for students to do projects together, participate in clubs like the Lego Club, and do independent work studies. Woking School has had the opportunity to introduce 1-1 technology to our students. All students from Grade 1 – 8 have a Chromebook that is available to them to use for the year. We offer a school wide music program with instruction in guitar, ukulele, and recorders.

Woking School is located next to the Woking Community Skating Rink. This allows students to skate during noon hours, as well as during Physical Education. In the spring/summer, the surface is used for basketball, ball hockey and various other sports.

In addition, Woking School Junior High students go on a biannual field trip to Camp WARWA and do an assortment of activities in the provincial capital. All grades also travel to Grande Prairie every spring to attend swimming lessons and do field trips within the city. The swimming lessons are fully funded by the Woking School Foundation.

Woking School Junior High students participate in a biannual foods class, giving them the chance to learn some valuable information and practice their culinary skills. On alternate years, they learn to play guitar or develop knowledge of robotics, as well as learning how to be a positive leader. Students are given the chance to be part of the Woking School volleyball team and are provided every opportunity to participate in other extracurricular sports.

Woking School is also home to the Woking Playschool Society. It is a privately run group that provides a fun introduction to the rules and routines of school. Students four years of age can attend the program on Monday and Wednesday afternoons. Saddle Hills County has been a financial supporter of the Playschool Society for many years.

Since students travel on to Spirit River Regional Academy when they graduate from Woking School, our day becomes much longer to provide them time to get to the high school. Therefore, Woking follows the Compressed School Week calendar, and we are given approximately every other Friday off.

Finally, food plays an important role in Woking School. Students can purchase hot dogs every Tuesday, and a variety of hot lunches are available on Thursdays. When we are at school on a Friday, every student in the school gets breakfast free of charge.