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Business Features

In partnership with the Central Peace Signal newspaper, Saddle Hills County provides Business Feature Q&As with local business owners, to give you more information on our local businesses and the people who make them work. Business Features are published online, in the Central Peace Signal newspaper, and in our County Living Newsletters, distributed to residents throughout the County.

All businesses located in, or with owners who reside in, Saddle Hills County, are entitled to a free business listing, feature, advertising, and all of the additional business services we offer.

We also offer free social media and print advertising to all of our local businesses, many of which can be found in our Business Directory.  

If your business is not yet listed, or you would like us to contact you for a Business Feature, please get in touch with our Communications Coordinator to arrange for a free listing.

Image of Deer in Field

"We are an all inclusive hunting lodge located in WMU 359, between two creeks. We are able to accommodate up to 6 hunters at one time.

There is abundant wildlife, with an open bull elk season, 3 points or better, and lots of open farmland.

As a thanks to first responders, past and present, discounts will be offered, this Includes military personnel. A huge discounted price including comfortable beds and all meals, along with all daily services. Everyone is welcome."

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81035 Rge. Rd. 83, Saddle Hills County, AB. T0H 3G0

(780) 285-4907

Website  |  Facebook

Image of Pink Flower

Anne's Greenhouse is a fixture in the lives of serious gardeners and amateurs alike in Saddle Hills County and the Central Peace . Once you turn off Highway 49 and go north on Secondary Highway 725 (or the Moonshine Lake road), you travel to the intersection where the Fourth Creek Community Center is. From this point on there are signs at every corner. Only seven miles from this point. 

Always open the Monday before Mother’s Day. Open seven days a week, even on holidays, from 10am to 8pm.

Full Feature

Twp. Rd. 820 and Rge. Rd. 80, Fourth Creek, AB.

(780) 351-2215

Facebook Public Group or Personal Page 

Image of Baked Goods

Treena Underwood was first introduced to making the savoury treat Nuts and Bolts by her grandmother more than 30 years ago. She instantly liked it – but not exactly how grandma made them. Grandma, Underwood remembers, microwaved her way to a quick, easy snack using worcestershire sauce as a flavouring agent. That didn’t sit well with Underwood, so she began tweaking the recipe, trying different cereal mixtures, and, more importantly, making her own sauce. She also ditched the flavoured cereals, grandma’s preference; she figured she had better control of how she flavours her Nuts and Bolts if she uses plain cereals. Today, Underwood sells about 30 pounds each week of her Nuts and Bolts, her bestseller at every farmers market she attends. She is a regular at the farmers markets in Dawson Creek and Bay Tree.

Full Feature

Bay Tree, AB.

(250) 219-3878


Image of Candles at Baytree Boutique

The boutique leverages and aims to cash in on the foot traffic to the Bay Tree General Store, which she and her husband, Dave, also operate for the past 15 years now. A lot of the customers at the general store, Hamilton says, are males – they are workers too busy to have the time left to go shopping for gifts for their loved ones during special occasions. Enter the Baytree Boutique. As the boutique is next door to the general store, those busy bees now have a convenient place to shop for their better-halves.

Full Feature

Hwy. 49, Bay Tree, AB.

(780) 353-2485


Image of Canola Field

On Tuesday, June 2, 2020, vendors descended on the Bay Tree skating rink, just a tad east from the Bay Tree Store, for the season opener of the first-ever Bay Tree Market on 49, which Heather Porrill, who owns Buttery Bites Caramels, had been spearheading with the sponsorship of the Bonanza Agricultural Society. An Alberta-approved farmer’s market, Bay Tree Market on 49 takes place from 11am to 1pm every Tuesday from June  to September, and select Saturdays. 

Full Feature

Hwy. 49, Bay Tree, AB.

(780) 353-3055

Facebook  |  Instagram

Image of Honey Pots on Log

Black Bear Creek Farms are a farm to table business, run by Michael and April DeVuyst, offering seasonal vegetables, pickles and a variety of flavoured honeys, including chocolate honey. 

Catch them at any of our local markets, or connect with them on Facebook or Instagram to place an order.

Full Feature


Phone: (587) 277-1476

Facebook  |  Instagram

Image of Josh Campbell, owner of Breton Plumbing

A locally owned and operated plumbing and heating company located in Saddle Hills County.Specializing in service, new construction, and renovations. Red Seal Certified Plumber and Class B Gasfitter. 24/7 emergency call out available.

Full Feature

By Appointment - PO Box 45, Gordondale, AB. T0H 1V0

(780) 864-9673

Facebook  |  Instagram

Image of Pigs

Currently raising pastured pork and chicken (grass-fed and grass-finished), eggs, laying breed birds and hatching eggs.

First Gen Farmers, But Not Really

Our farm is deeply rooted by the farmers that came before us. But, they came upon some bad luck and hard times and no longer had a farm to hand down to us, so here we are, starting over from scratch.


When we got our ranch it was plain dirt. Overgrown trees. Old fencing that needed removed.

We started with nothing. 

Everything we have, we had to work for. Kind of like our ancestors.

We often live by the motto, "Make do, or do without."
People thought we were nuts to pursue this path, but it's all we ever wanted and it's what we continue to sacrifice for.

When nobody believed in us, we had to believe in ourselves.
We hope you enjoy following along in our journey.

Full Feature

Westmark - 76235 Rg. Rd. 74, Woking, AB. T0H 3V0

(780) 296-4550

Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram  |  Youtube

Image of Caramels in Bags

Before Buttery Bites Caramels came to fruition in late 2004, owner Heather Porrill had searched for the perfect caramel that would fill her with excitement. Alas, it never happened. So, after a bit of research and experimenting, she developed a caramel recipe that she could be proud of. With only five simple ingredients, Heather created an extraordinarily creamy caramel – just like grandma used to make. The richness and flavor prove there are no half measures used when preparing these indulgent treats.

Full Feature

79038 Rge. Rd. 130, Bay Tree, AB. T0H 0A0

(780) 353-3055

Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram

Image of Firewood

After eight years of working as a heavy-duty equipment operator, Tony Sadlier was ready to start afresh. How about an entrepreneurial foray? The idea of being self-employed has always fascinated him. So, when the prospect of becoming one came knocking on his door, it didn’t take long for him and his wife, Aimee, to talk things over and grab at the chance. The business opportunity fell on his lap – sort of. For more than 20 years, the family has had operated a successful firewood business. Over the years, ownership of the business has changed hands a few times within the family; in 2019, for yet another time, business ownership would pass on to another family member. Sadlier would pick up the baton and carry on the family business, the opportunity that has breathed life into his entrepreneurial spirit.

Full Feature

12337 Twp. Rd. 792, Bay Tree, AB. T0H 0H0

(780) 864-8741


Image of Watkins Spices

Watkins is the oldest home-based business, starting in 1868. Carol started selling products in 1993, such as extracts, pepper, cinnamon, soup bases, medicated ointment, toilet bowl cleaner, all-natural hand lotions and soaps.

You can find Carol at local markets, such as the Bay Tree Market on 49 throughout the season, or contact her directly to place an order.

Full Feature

(780) 864-9200

Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram

Image of Greenhouse

Chinook Valley Golf Course is a challenging 9 hole course, located in Northmark, Alberta offering the amenities and quality the discriminating golfer expects. Anyone who loves golf will appreciate the beautiful fairways and lush greens. Suitable for all ages and levels of play. Conveniently located just 35 minutes north of Grande Prairie. The course layout takes advantage of the beautiful northern Alberta terrain, complemented by rolling hills and multiple river flats.

The clubhouse is licensed, modern and well-equipped. Drink and enjoy the expansive views of the golf course and valley from the covered or open deck.

Camping facilities are available on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Plenty of power only sites and a limited amount of full service sites are available. 

Full Feature

76329 Hwy 731, Northmark, AB. T0H 3V0

(780) 774-3838

Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram

Image of Greenhouse

Annuals, succulents, hanging baskets, veggies, and a few herbs as well as some planters and gardening decor.

Open 7 days a week from 10 am to 7pm (BC time)


From Dawson Creek - Instead of going left to the Bay Tree Store, you take a right hand turn, follow the road to the riaght and go all the way to the top of the hill to the last house on the right.

From Spirit River - Instead of going right to the Bay Tree Store you take a left hand turn, follow the road to the right and go all the way to the top of the hill to the last house on the right.

Full Feature

13117 Twp. Rd. 790, Bay Tree, AB. T0H 0A0

(250) 784-7034


Dandelion on the Prairie is a monthly subscription box currently marketed towards women with the possibility of having one for men in the future. The box contains items made by Canadians from all over Canada. They aim to find items that are sustainably, ethically or naturally made.

Each box will contain 3-5 items. Products can be anything from beauty, self-care, home decor, snacks, scarves, to teas and coffees.

Full Feature.

Facebook  |  Instagram

"Although we are called Diverse Drilling, I would not call us a drilling company, per se, as we have diversified over the years. Like any other oilfield service company, we work long hours under changing weather conditions and encounter new challenges everyday.

That being said we have a great group of employees who are up to these challenges, and the people that we work for have been excellent to deal with – which makes day-to-day operations much more enjoyable."

Full Feature

PO Box 73, Baytree, AB. T0H 0A0

(780) 933-3137


"I am a Certified Mental Health Coach (depression, anxiety, mental illness), Assist Suicide Prevention Coach (Suicide Prevention), Grief and Loss Coach (11 major loss areas in life), and Life Purpose and Spiritual Coach (purpose and identity).

I also have a Degree in Biblical Counseling specializing in Trauma Counseling , Complex Grief and Loss Counseling, Grief Counseling, Grief Share and Trauma Recovery Groups.

I am the in house Grief Counselor for Oliver's Funeral Home and have an office at Essentials Cremations in Grande Prairie, Ab. as well as a home office near Woking, AB. and I also provide online coaching and counseling through Zoom, FB Messenger, and Phone consultations."

Full Feature

76534 Rge.Rd. 55, Saddle Hills County, AB. T0H 3G0

(780) 814-1442

Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram

Welcome to Fourth Creek Angus Ranch! We are located in the Saddle Hills County, in our beautiful Peace Country, AB.

The Fourth Creek Angus program primarily calves on pasture in May-June within a two-cycle period with minimal supervision and intervention. Maternal instinct and performance are the goals to stay in our program. A short 45-day breeding season constituted of 1 round of Timed Artificial Insemination and 1 cycle with the cover up bulls ensures that only the most fertile stick around.

The cows, with calves at side, endure long, harsh and snowy winters in Northern Alberta on a bale-grazing feeding program in our fields. Calves are left on the cows until 9 months of age at weaning.

Selection is applied for disposition, udder, hoof and structural soundness along with performance and phenotype. Those not measuring up for conformation or progeny performance are reassigned to our ET recipient herd, while those that fail at disposition, fertility or structural soundness are removed from the program.

We are working hard to produce cattle that flourish and rise to the top in our environment.

Full Feature

Box 47, Site 2, Spirit River, AB. T0H 3G0

(780) 864-7753  |  (780) 517-3507

Website  |  Facebook

At Force Action in Development, people of all ages learn life skills in an environment where horses are the teachers. 

Our Teachers are 1200 lbs 

There is no pushing around these teachers. Our participants will have to step up because if a horse doesn’t have a leader, they will become the leader.

They are a prey animal

This means their senses are highly astute. They can hear our heart beat and they will react the slightest changes within a team - allowing facilitators to find those “teachable moments.”

They are just like us...sort of

Herds to horses are just like teams to people. Horses require a leader that they trust and respect, just like we need in life. This gives us the ability to parallel everything that happens to real life so the learning sticks!

Full Feature

79048 Rge. Rd. 134, Bay Tree, AB. T0H 0A0

Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram

Gary Remenyk likes to work with his hands and build things. He likes to mend vintage cars, for example – particularly the paint job aspect of a restoration work – resurrecting cars back to their original state and giving them a new lease on life. But his most-enduring work was not with hard-to-find, sleek machines; rather, it was with students with the classroom as his canvas. For a total of 28 years, Remenyk was a trades instructor – first with British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) then briefly with Northern Lights College (NLC) – and about half of his teaching career was spent running a BCIT dual-credit trades program that he himself had put together. The program, which was piloted then fully implemented at South Peace High School in Dawson Creek, was designed to be run in the high school system and allowed students to gain a year of technical training and, at the same time, earn credits both for high school graduation as well as for post-secondary education.

On a personal level, the program also paved the road for Remenyk to seamlessly transition back to Bonanza, where he grew up, while keeping his BCIT job. The rural environment of Bonanza was where he wanted his kids to grow up in, he said. Bonanza was also where, 30 years ago, he embarked on entrepreneurship and became a business owner.

Full Feature


Twp. Rd. 719, Bonanza, AB. T0H 0K0 (PO Box 117)

(780) 353-3757

J. Klean is run by Krista and Josh Enns and is a one stop shop for all of your vehicle detailling needs.

They offer car, pickup, farm vehicle, semi and all industrial vehicle cleaning.

Full Feature


82002 Rge. Rd. 93, Saddle Hills County, AB. T0H 3G0

(306) 823-7279



Ron Doetzel is a metal artist, fashioning ornaments out of scrap metal. Based in Woking, AB.

Full Feature


Woking, AB.

(780) 774-2017  |  (780) 882-0785

NaR Environmental offers vegetation control services and management solutions for industrial, landscape, forestry and agricultural customers across the Peace Country. 

Spraying: Herbicide application to control noxious and unwanted weeds around leases, gas plants, rights of way and fence lines.

Mowing of ditches to control unwanted weeds.

Flare Blackening: Tillage around flare stacks for fire prevention and safety.

Mulching: Skid steer mulcher used for cleanup of deadfall, unwanted trees and clearing of new development and fence lines.

Skid Steer Services: All general services such as snow removal and dirt work.

Full Feature


7220 Hwy. 680, Blueberry Mountain, AB. T0H 3G0

(780) 864-8248


Image of Sheep

Debra and Verlin LaRochelle own and operate Northwoods Farm in Silver Valley. The LaRochelles describe their operation as 'regenerative agriculture.'  Debra describes the process this way: "We are farming with the intention of continually improving our land base by observing and working with nature. We approach our farm as an ecosystem. By restoring natural relationships between different elements on our farm, we can improve the health of the whole system – from the micro-organisms in the soil to the food we produce."

The LaRochelles raise beef, pork and lamb and sell grass-finished beef, pastured lamb, pastured pork, and pastured fresh eggs. Says Debra, "We have meat to sell by the package, and we also, at times, have whole lambs and beef by the half or whole. A new product I hope will be available this winter is wool yarn and socks from our sheep flock’s annual shearing."

Full Feature


Box 120, SIlver Valley, AB. T0H 3E0

(780) 864-7910

Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram

Image of Shaun Kaiser, Owner of Patch Welding

Shaun Kaiser has been working as a welder for over 17 years and started contracting in 2010. He is available all over Alberta and Northeastern BC  offering Portable B-Pressure and CWB Welding Services.

Full Feature


Box 26, Spirit River, AB. T0H 3G0

(780) 251-2345

Image of Ferrier Hooving Horses

Everyone needs some tender loving care. Even cattle. Just ask hoof trimmer Andrew Miller, of Bay Tree. Growing up on a dairy farm in Pennsylvania, he had seen how hoof care made cattle not only happy and healthy but productive as well. Cows will make nicer calves, and bulls will breed cows just as they are meant to. But not animals in pain or sick: they tend to continually lie down, usually in the same spot, and get up to eat or drink only when they are really hungry or really thirsty. “There are two windows to cattle’s health: their eyes and their feet. Their feet are a big health indicator. If animals are not walking flat, if they limp and flinch, then go get a hoof trimmer,” said Miller, adding that some of the worst cases he had encountered stemmed from an issue left unattended for far too long.

Full Feature


Twp. Rd. 792 and Rge. Rd. 123, Bay Tree, AB. 

(780) 864-5035


Image of Garden

Are you one of the more-traditional gardeners who like sowing a seed and seeing it grow? Or, are you one of those who say, “There must be an easy way to start and grow a garden.” Yes, there is. And that’s what Shila Murphy’s business is all about: she takes the guesswork – and much of the hard work – out of planning your garden. She provides starter plants so that you will get a strong headstart on your garden. Murphy has grand plans for her business, the Peace River Petals, and if you love to garden, she has you at the top of her mind.

Full Feature

Saddle Hills County Business Feature


Bay Tree, AB.

(780) 353-0007

Facebook  |  Instagram

Image of Horses and Dog

A farrier takes care of horse hooves, shoeing them if they need protection. The job involves a lot of knowledge of and care for the animal’s feet, with additional skills in working with metal, bending and shaping it to fit a horse’s hoof. However, to me, it means so much more than that. The connection between a horse and its owner is such a strong bond. And to be able to help keep horses in shape and allow the care for the feet that they walk on is such an honour.

Full Feature


(780) 500-9713 


Image of Comfrey

If Heather Porrill looks familiar, it’s because she was, for years, the face behind a highly successful confectionery business called Buttery Bites Caramels, which came to a screeching halt during the pandemic years. In the face of the pain and the grief over the loss of the business that she had painstakingly built, she found a new purpose: she now makes healing Comfrey products, which she describes as “nature doing what it does.”

“That chapter in my life, the confectionery business, is closed,” she said, adding: “I have opened a new book, and the book is right in my backyard, in my garden.”
Full Feature

Bay Tree, AB. T0H 0A0

(780) 353-3055

Image of Goats

Shaun and Mallory Kaiser started raising goats in 2014, in Hines Creek, where they purchased a small cross trip (trip is the goat meaning for herd) of miniature cross dairy goats from our neighbour. In 2015, they  purchased their first 12 Kiko goats. The Kaisers moved to the Saddle Hills County in 2017 to grain farm  and continue our Kiko goat breeding program.

Full Feature


81423 Rge. Rd. 83, Saddle Hills County, AB. T0H 3G0

(780) 864-5126

Website  |  Facebook

Image of Child on Tire Swing

It was a Saturday. Ron Dyck didn’t realize until past mid-afternoon that one of the tires of his vehicle was deflated. He needed the vehicle the following day; he must, therefore, get a flat repair. He investigated his options and then decided to drive 90-95 kilometers to Dawson Creek, instead of Spirit River, a 70-kilometer distance from where he was in Silver Valley. This day being a Saturday, the Dawson Creek location was the one that stayed open for a full day until 5pm.

Full Feature


Silver Valley, AB.

Phone: (780) 361-2660 

For Wally Yanishewski, work is a way of life, not a switch to flip on, nor a box to check. His tutelage for the value of hard work came at an early age at home from the strongest influences in his life: his parents. His strong work ethic was moulded in the course of doing errands for and helping in his dad’s business, the Walter’s Cat Works Ltd. He was 13 when he began moving equipment around the yard of the business. “I can’t emphasize enough how hard-working the Yanishewskis are,” said his wife of 35 years, Carrie, adding that Wally and his dad, Walter, both derived a sense of happiness from putting in hard work.

Full Feature


Fourth Creek, AB.

(780) 814-0111


Image of doTerra Products

When Wilhelmine Sadlier gave birth to her fourth child in 2020, little did she know that will bring about a drastic change in their lives. The child, a boy, was born with a congenital heart condition and, as a result, had to deal with a host of health complications. He has had seven surgeries, leaving a number of scars on his body.

“As a mother, I was always worried about him. And it’s made worse by the fact what we’re about six hours from Edmonton if some serious complications set in and hospitalization is required. And the moment you are discharged from the hospital, you have a lot of figuring out to do. I was always under a lot of stress. His health condition is very complex he has to be monitored closely. That as a young child he’s taking a lot of meds is, to me, not very ideal. So, I’ve never stopped thinking, ‘What can I do for him?’” Sadlier said.

That very same thought also occurred to an aunt of her husband, who lives in the U.S., after being introduced to doTERRA, which sells essential oils, dietary supplements and other related products.

Sadlier has been a user and distributor, also called as Wellness Advocate, of doTERRA products since.

Full Feature


Bonanza, AB.

(250) 719-6160


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