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Area Structure Plans

What is an Area Structure Plan (ASP)?

An ASP is a long-term policy document that describes:

  • Proposed land uses;
  • Density of population; and
  • General location of major roadways and public utilities.

Area Structure Plans help guide how land in a specific area can be subdivided and developed in the future, as well as the locations of transportation routes and public utilities. The County puts in place these plans to help guide long-term future growth and development in the area. 

Area Structure Plans usually include community input to ensure that the plans reflect the wants and needs of the community.

ASPs address topics such as:

  • Promoting the community as a future growth area.
  • Protecting the community water sources.
  • Maintaining and promoting the long-term sustainability of the community.
  • Protecting the quality of life for existing residents and acreage owners.
  • Minimizing conflicts between agricultural and non-agricultural land uses.
  • Addressing Confined Feeding Operations (CFOs) in the area.

An ASP is a high-level land use planning policy document that provides a concept of how a given area can be comprehensively developed over time. The existence of the plan does not dictate land use and nothing occurs unless initiated by the landowner. If a landowner would like to change the current use of their land following the approval of an ASP, they would likely need rezoning, subdivision and development permit applications, and associated detailed engineering studies. 

Communities chosen include those considered future growth areas, as outlined in the County's Municipal Development Plan (MDP). The County has Area Structure Plans in place for Bay Tree, Bonanza, The County Complex, and Woking.

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