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Development Permits

Development Permits are used by Planning and Development to ensure that any construction or land use changes in Saddle Hills County are safe and effective for the entire community. 

The County's Land-Use Bylaw outlines the requirements for development in the County, and should be reviewed before undertaking any form of construction on your property to ensure that it meets the regulations. Undertaking construction work before receiving the required permits may result in time consuming reviews for both the landowner and the County, which could be easily avoided. Types of construction requiring permits include, but are not limited to, excavation, stockpiling, renovations, repairs, or changes in the purpose or intensity of land use.

Developments fall under many categories, including 'Permitted Use' or 'Discretionary Use'. Permitted Use means that the use is Permitted under the Land-Use Bylaw and can be approved by the Development Officer assuming all criteria is met. Discretionary Use means that the use needs to be considered by the Municipal Planning Commission before being approved. 

Other Types of Development Permits

Saddle Hills County does not issue or require Business Permits, but all businesses, including home-based, do require a Development Permit. 

Saddle Hills County is a non-accredited municipality in the disciplines of Building, Electrical, Plumbing, Gas and Private Sewage Disposal Systems. These disciplines are legislated under the Alberta Safety Codes Act and the Permit Regulation. To apply for Safety Codes Permits or learn about private sewage system requirements, please visit Municipal Affairs for a list of accredited agencies authorized to issue these permits in Saddle Hills County.

If you have any questions about permitting in Saddle Hills County or would like help completing a permit application, please contact us at (780) 864-3760 or 

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