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Bylaws and Policies

To Be Considered When Making Planning Decisions

When our Planning Department receives applications, these bylaws and policies guide our decision making process.

Alberta Municipal Government Act Part 17, Planning and Development, Division 4, Statutory Plans Subsection 638.2(1 – 4)As of January 1, 2019 

Section 638.2 of the Municipal Government Act ​requires municipalities to publish on their websites a list of updated policies that may be considered when making planning decisions.  Examples of planning decisions include those related to development, subdivision, rezoning, planning bylaw amendments or stop orders.

Please Note: We are in the process of uploading all of our bylaws to a new records management software system which is currently being rolled out. The new location for bylaws and policies is here.

To enquire about a specific bylaw or policy please email us or call us at 780-864-3760 and ask for the Legislative Officer.

Bylaw and Policy Listings


Our bylaws can be found by clicking on this link.

To enquire about a specific bylaw please email us or call us at 780-864-3760 and ask for the Legislative Officer.

Bylaw 755-94

Ward Bylaw (Ministerial Order)

Shows the boundaries of lands governed by the County

Bylaw 247-2016

Woking Area Structure Plan

Guiding principles for land use and development in the Hamlet of Woking.

Bylaw 258-2016

Bay Tree Area Structure Plan

Guiding principles for land use and development in the defined area around Bay Tree.

Bylaw 271-2016

County Complex Area Structure Plan

Guiding principles for land use and development in the defined area around the County Complex.

Bylaw 352-2019

Municipal Planning Commission and Subdivision and Development Authority

Establishing authorities. 

Bylaw 385-2020

Development Officer

Designating authority.

Bylaw 316-2018


Advertising and appeal periods must comply.

Bylaw 317-2018

Unsightly Premises

Where standards and requirements may include the decision to find a property as unsightly.

Bylaw 323-2018

Municipal Development Plan

This document is the broad brush strokes or principles for land use and development throughout the county.

Bylaw 324-2018

Land Use

Sets the County's standards for Land Use planning and uses, as well as relevant consideration(s) throughout the County.Creating processes for consideration of proposals and guidelines that all proposals are to be considered under to create consistency.

Bylaw 327-2018

 Amendment to Land Use Bylaw 324-2018

 A bylaw to amend the County’s Land Use Bylaw 324-2018 respecting the rezoning of 4.48 hectares of SE 17-76-07-W6 from Agricultural (A) District to Rural Cannabis (RCB) District

Bylaw 392-2021

Council, Board and Committee Meeting Procedure

Boards and committees establishes the process and boards for Municipal Planning Commission as well as the Subdivision and Development Authority.

Bylaw 367-2019

Water and Wastewater Systems

Where applicable to servicing requirements on a proposed parcel within range of available services

Bylaw 391-2021

Master Rates

List prices for applications, documents and all other requirements for fees to do with Land Use Planning

Bylaw 379-2020

Amendment to Land Use Bylaw 324-2018

A bylaw to amend the County’s Land Use Bylaw to rezone 0.95 hectares of SW 03-82-10-W6 from Agriculture (A) District to Rural Heavy Industrial (RHI) District


Our policies can be found them by clicking on this link.

To enquire about a specific policy please email us or call us at 780-864-3760 and ask for the Legislative Officer.

Policy AD19

Signing and Approving Authority

To explain and establish Signing Authorities and the parameters in accordance with the Municipal Government Act.

Policy AD52

Public Participation

When and how the public engages the public in reviewing the policy's or bylaws.

Policy AD56

At-Large Member Eligibility for Board and Committees

To establish eligibility criteria for boards and committees including those that may reside or act as the County's Subdivision or Development Authority.

Policy AD61

Decision-Making Guidelines

The policy process and that informs decision making at the County.

Policy AG03

Chemical Vegetation Control Along Roadsides

If road side disturbance causes the need for road side spraying this may be required to control unwanted vegetation or noxious weeds.

Policy AG09

Roadside Seeding

If approach installation or other requirements of a decision require roadside disturbance roadside seeding may be required.

Policy AG23

Fence-Line Spraying Agreement

Fence line spraying may be a referral comment or need of the Agricultural department alone new boundaries or old at the time an application comes in form improvements on the lands.

Policy PD03

Planning and Development Forms

Complete application forms are required to consider any and all proposals adequately to ensure beneficial and successful planning of projects and development.

Policy PD05

Wireless Communication Towers

The County wants to ensure the County residents have the best rural communications system as required to invest in the future and to do this requires consideration to location and public engagement.

Policy PD06

Dedication of Road Right-of-Way for Subdivisions

Under the Municipal Government Act the County at certain points can consider acquiring road right-of-way widening including but not limited to the time of a proposed subdivision.

Policy PW03

Road Use Agreement

This policy may be required to be met by an applicant proposing to increase activity that may affect the required servicing level on a county road.

Policy PW12


Changes to fencing may be required due to the required road widening or other aspects of an applicant proposal.

Policy PW13


Changes to fencing may be required due to the required road widening which may further affect guardrails or other aspects of an applicant proposal.

Policy PW15

Licensing, Leasing or Sale of County Road Allowances

This policy may affect access to a proposed development.

Policy PW18

Road Classification and Standards

The construction standards set the minimum requirements for all construction required to be completed at the applicant's expense unless otherwise approved.

Policy PW20


Physical and legal access is required to all parcels of land to be created by any proposal and as such all approaches would be required to meet these basic and minimum standards.

Policy PW24

Road Obstruction

No proposal could cause or have need to cause a road obstruction.

Policy PW25

Residential Access Road Construction

The residential access road construction policy sets minimum standards and requirements.

Policy PW28

Solid Waste

This policy may be referred to within a condition or note of any decision of the Subdivision and Development Authority.Where applicable conditions on approvals may apply to applicant or surrounding lands.

Policy PW29

Water Cistern Subsidy

The Cistern program has been put in place to assist county residents in obtaining alternate methods of water supply for development throughout the County and this may be noted in the conditions or reasons of a decision.

Policy PW31

Mechanical Brush Control

May apply to line of sight in the cases of a new approach installation to provide visibility or address any other municipal concerns.

Policy PW32

Road Drainage

Road drainage must be considered at the time of any proposed change or improvement to avoid flood damage of the specific location as well as up and down from the proposed location.

Policy UT01

Rural Potable Water Servicing

Where rural potable water servicing is applicable this policy would be considered or noted.

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