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Livestock Protection Program

In an effort to manage predatory wildlife, Saddle Hills County has put in place a Livestock Protection Program for the purpose of removing wolves causing livestock depredation within the County.

Through this program, wolf hunters or trapper will receive monetary compensation for the carcass of a wolf hunted lawfully within Saddle Hills County and according to Policy AG17 - Livestock Protection Program. Eligible participants are limited to Saddle Hills County residents, landowners, grazing lease holders, and legally licensed trappers (in circumstances outlined in the policy). 

Some of the terms include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Participants must be registered in advance with Saddle Hills County
  • Participants must have completed a Livestock Protection Course
  • Participants must have completed a Livestock Protection Agreement prior to harvesting
  • Participants must ensure Fish and Wildlife Officers are notified of the harassment or depredation of livestock
  • Participants must make an appointment to present the pelt and carcass (or whole carcass) from each wolf harvested for approval
  • Participants must provide a copy of the Damage Control License issued to the landowner, if the wolf is trapped or snared
  • After presentation, participants are also required to dispose of all parts of the carcass using provincially recognized carcass disposal methods. 

Please note that any pelts and/or carcasses received by the County will be marked. 

Anyone presenting carcasses harvested prior to the completion of all pre-requisites and entry into a Livestock Protection Agreement, will not receive retroactive payment. 

Anyone registered prior to March 8, 2017, must re-register by completing a new Livestock Protection Agreement.

At the discretion of the Agricultural Fieldman, a harvest site inspection may be required to verify a compensation claim.

Compensation of $500 per adult wolf taken by a registrant within the boundaries of Saddle Hills County and in accordance with all pre-requisites and conditions, will be issued upon presentation of carcass and any subsequent inspections. 

You can view and download the Livestock Protection Program Manual below, for details of depredation, harvesting, and other matters relating to the program. 

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