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Planning & Development

Planning and development is governed by provincial legislation, including the Municipal Government Act (MGA), along with numerous municipal Bylaws and Policies.

While there are many rules we have to follow, our Planning Department is here to help you navigate the intricacies and ensure that your applications are complete and up-to-date. We want our residents and landowners to succeed and our staff are here to help guide you through the process to make that happen.

Every municipality is required under the MGA to have a Land-Use Bylaw. The Land-Use Bylaw establishes things such as the Development Authority, as well as outlining zoning districts, general regulations, permit requirements, and development applications.

If you are planning to complete any form of construction or changes to the land on your property, you may require a Development Permit. Development Permits ensure that construction and land use in the County is safe and effective for the whole community. Saddle Hills County does not issue or require Business Permits, but all businesses, including home-based, do require a Development Permit. 

The Municipal Planning Commission is responsible for making decisions on proposed developments and Subdivisions in Saddle Hills County, that fall outside of the parameters allowed under the Land-Use Bylaw. Should the Commission approve or deny a development, certain conditions may be imposed. If you receive a denial of your development application and would like to appeal, these appeals are heard by the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board

Once approved or denied by the Municipal Planning Commission, Notice of Permits and Approvals will be published online and in the Central Peace Signal for anyone wishing to appeal a decision.

To encourage economic growth in the County, Area Structure Plans are put in place to help guide how land can be subdivided and developed in the future, as well as the location of transportation routes and public utilities. 

Alongside this, the County also enters into Intermunicipal Development Plans with our neighbouring municipalities to help us cooperate in planning the future of land use along our borders. 

The County's Municipal Development Plan (MDP) outlines the County's long-range land use strategy, setting out the policies for guiding growth and development in the County. The MDP is the foundation for the preparation of more detailed plans and is used in conjunction with the County's Land-Use Bylaw when reviewing applications for development, subdivision or rezoning.

For rural landowners, Rural Address Signs (also known as 911 Addresses) are provided free of charge to help first responders locate your property in the event of an emergency. 

If you have questions about Planning and Development in Saddle Hills County or would like help submitting an application, please contact us at (780) 864-3760 or 

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