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Project Aurora – Fibre Optics

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Saddle Hills County has partnered with Canadian Fiber Optics Corp. on Project Aurora for an application to the Federal Government’s Universal Broadband Fund to bring high-speed fiber to the County.

Thank You

We asked for your support for Project Aurora and you responded. Your response was overwhelming.

If successful, Project Aurora will enable Canadian Fiber Optics and other service providers to bring good, fast, and reliable high-speed internet to much of the County.

Thank you and stay tuned … we will be updating you when we hear the results of our application.


"Unlike large cities, we have never had access to reliable, high-speed internet which is becoming more and more important for accessing things such as work, education, and healthcare. "

"We support Project Aurora from Canadian Fiber Optics because it will bring much needed high-speed internet access that will improve the lives of my family."

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"Unlike businesses in large cities, businesses such as mine do not have access to reliable, high-speed internet. The recent COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated this digital divide as more and more business activities have moved online."

"I support Project Aurora from Canadian Fiber Optics because access to high-speed fiber internet is necessary for my business to connect and succeed in an increasingly digital economy." 

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"While companies in urban centres have access to reliable high-speed broadband with speeds of 100-1000 Mbps, many industrial customers in Northwest Alberta have limited access to basic internet service (25/5 Mbps download/upload) and do not have access to the high internet speeds that are required to succeed in an increasingly digital economy. The COVID-19 pandemic has further accelerated this divide making the need for high-speed internet for rural Alberta businesses more urgent than ever."

"Project Aurora is a Regional project designed and proposed by Canadian Fiber Optics Corp, a rural Alberta founded company that has constructed over 500km of fiber infrastructure since 2017, owns and operates 275 of fiber network in the Peace County. Project Aurora will provide high bandwidth, fiber based internet to Northwest Albertan residents, farmers, businesses and industry to and throughout Saddle Hills County."

*Quotes from residents, businesses and industry in support of other Canadian Fiber Optics projects.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can expect speeds of 100-1000 Mbps as opposed to the 25/5 Mbps or 50/10 Mbps experienced by most in Northwestern Alberta.

Yes. We believe that Saddle Hills is an incredible economic powerhouse, and further economic development and innovation will be driven in our communities when an abundance of bandwidth is provided. 

  • Better experiences with remote work and at-home learning
  • Faster upload and download speeds
  • Smoother streaming (without waiting for videos to buffer)
  • Increased security with the latest home security systems
  • Access to the latest smart technologies for healthcare, home automation, and more
  • The ability to use multiple online devices simultaneously
  • And more ...

Support for Project Aurora is initially being gathered to make an application for the ISED’s Universal Broadband Fund Grant. Timelines for grant adjudication are not published, but construction could start as soon as next year

The grant is specifically to connect residents, but the network will also be designed and provisioned to connect Small/Medium businesses, Commercial Enterprises, and large industry. 

Residential services are expected to be under $100/month with no data caps. Pricing will be finalized February 15th.

We are working hard to remove or limit the installation/hook up fee in the service area.

Canadian Fiber Optics will be responsible for bringing the service to your home, property or business. Should Project Aurora be successful, you will have the opportunity to pre-register for your choice of internet service.

Saddle Hills County’s network of towers will be connected and this will provide service providers located on our towers to provide the bandwidth needed for expanded services. 

This is not 5G technology. This is a physical connection. And if people choose, they can turn off the WiFi (wireless) connection inside their homes, and connect their computer direct to the router provided – should they be concerned about wireless radiation. 

First - It would not interfere with any satellite TV.

Second – good (fiber) internet would give residents the option to “cut the cord” or “cut the dish” – and save significant money by subscribing to OTT (over the top) systems like Netflix, Amazon, Disney+ etc.

It’s important to note that for those that still like the evening news and sports, they can still buy cable/satellite, but these channels are now available on OTT also. 

No. Your support for the project in no way commits you to hooking up or purchasing the high speed internet service.

Your support is appreciated and will be an important part of the economic growth and stability of Saddle Hills County.

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