Farm Animal Emergency Preparedness Plan

Farm Animal Emergency Preparedness Plan for the Central Peace

During the summer of 2019, there were a multitude of fires across the northern half of Alberta that resulted in great economic, emotional and physical loss to residents, business owners and producers.

When these events took place it resulted in municipalities attempting to coordinate measures for which they were unprepared. Within the Central Peace Region, comprised of Saddle Hills County, M.D. of Spirit River #133, Birch Hills County, Town of Spirit River and the Village of Rycroft, there is an elevated risk of a similar situation occuring in the event of a large animal livestock emergency.

In the spring of 2020, after discussions concerning Emergency Large Animal Plans, Saddle Hills County applied for a grant via the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) program. This is a 50/50 cost share program that is split between the applicant and the provincial government.

A third-party contractor was hired, with the funds obtained, to assist in the formation of the plan.

The plan is a subsection of the existing Central Peace Emergency Management Plan (CP-REM) and will be reviewed and updated on an ongoing basis.

The plan will allow municipal staff and livestock owners to execute a safe, clear and concise course of action during an emergency that involves large livestock/farm animals, including situations such as wildfires, floods, transportation accidents and disease outbreaks, among others.

The goal of the plan was to address three main topic areas:
• Animals impacted by an emergency or disaster (fire, flood, tornado etc.)
• Animals involved in a transportation incident
• Animal disease outbreak and mass carcass disposal

 Click on the link for a pdf copy of the Farm Animal Emergency Preparedness Plan for the Central Peace.


See our list of Livestock Emergency Resources for feed, hauling, or equipment handling in the event of an emergency.

In the event of an emergency, if you have personal trailers, space, or any other equipment that you would like to offer to the effort then please get in touch with our Ag Services Department by emailling