We are proud to provide emergency services out of our five fire halls. With the help of over one hundred volunteers, we keep our communities safe. To learn more about the services we provide, you can read our Level of Service Policy.

To join as a volunteer firefighter, fill out the Application Form.

 County Fire Department Locations

Blueberry Fire Station is located at 7258 Highway 680, and serves the Moonshine Lake Blueberry, Devale, Ksituan, Wonderland and Yellow Creek areas.

Bonanza Fire Station is located at 12412 Township Road 801, and serves the Baytree, Bonanza, Cotillion, and Gordondale areas.

Happy Valley Fire Station is located at 78204 Range Road 80, and serves the Happy Valley and Whitburn areas.

Savanna Fire Station is located at 10029 Highway 681, and serves the Fourth Creek, Savanna, and Silver Valley areas.

Woking Fire Station is located on the intersection of Highway 677 and 50th Street in Woking, and serves the Hilltop Lake, Northmark, Westmark and Woking areas. The new Woking fire hall is currently under construction at 6010 Highway 677.

We also have an agreement with Tomslake, BC to provide fire protection for the Gundy area.