Family and Community Support

We offer a number of family and community programs for our residents including Childcare Subsidies, Self-Directed Home SupportOperating, Capital and Program and Activity Grants, and FCSS Grants.

FCSS Grants open annually, at the end of September, and any organization within the County may apply for programing based on the provincial requirements listed below.

To be eligible for grant funds your program must do one or more of the following:

  • help communities identify their social needs and develop responses
  • promote, encourage and support volunteer work in the community 
  • inform the public about services
  • support children and their families’ social development
  • help families enrich and strengthen family life and function more effectively in their own environment
  • enhance retired and semi-retired people’s quality of life

Programs not eligible are those that:

  • are only focused on an individual’s leisure or recreational needs
  • provide an individual or family with basic living supports such as money, food, clothing or shelter
  • are only focused on rehabilitation
  • duplicate services provided by government or a government agency

Programs will be required to sign a funding agreement and measure their program with outcomes from the current FCSS provincial guidelines. To apply please complete the FCSS Grant Funding Application available on our Forms page.

If you would like to inquire whether your program would be eligible or would like any further information on this or other Family and Community Support Programs, please call us at (780) 864-3760 or email

Deadline: November 30 (of the current year)