Home, Property, and Utilities

Saddle Hills County is a large, mostly rural county, which delivers a variety of services and utilities to businesses, residents, and industry. While the County is often not the direct provider of utilities, we are committed to helping you to receive the services you require.

Utility Account

We provide water and sewage services to residents and businesses in the Hamlet of Woking. Residents of the Hamlet can set up a Utility Account with us and receive monthly billing based on usage as measured by water meters.


We provide potable water to rural residents and businesses throughout the remainder of the County by means of truck fill sites supplied by County owned and operated water treatment plants. The plants are located in Bonanza, Woking, and at the County Complex (Ksituan). Truck fills are available for residential and commercial hauling at a rate of $4.00 per cubic meter (264.17 gallons - 219.97 UK gallons).

Rural residents can set up a Potable Water Account and manage it remotely for 24/7 access. To set up a Potable Water Account simply come in to the County office and we will be happy to help you.

Rural Potable Water Initiative

Through our Rural Potable Water Initiative, we are investing in the infrastructure necessary to provide potable water delivered directly to rural properties in selected areas of the County. We are currently in the process of installing the necessary pipes, connections and infrastructure in the Bonanza and Bay Tree areas. A new water treatment plant and truckfill has been built in the Savanna area and other areas of the County will be considered for expansion of the rural potable water network on an annual basis.

Residents or businesses wanting to hook up to the municipal water system can do so by filling out a Rural Potable Water Servicing Agreement.

Water Cistern Subsidy

We provide a subsidy to residents to help cover the costs of installing a new water cistern. The subsidy covers 75% of the cost of installing a new water cistern up to a maximum of $5,000. To apply please fill out and submit Water Cistern Subsidy Application.