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Gravel Program

Saddle Hills County has over 1,800 km of gravel roads. In a County of 5,837 sq. km. where our residents, businesses, and visitors use these roads daily, their maintenance is one of our top priorities.

Roads are maintained by order of priority, as outlined in Policy PW14. During the summer months, gravel roads are maintained by cutting and shaping to remove potholes, washboards, and ruts, spot gravelling, blading, and grading. High priority roads are graded more frequently, taking into account road conditions and traffic volumes, and hazards such as rocks are removed as necessary. During the winter, additional maintenance, such as snowplowing and ice blading is required to reduce snow accumulation and reduce compact ice and snow to maintain safe driving conditions. Residents can apply for plowing on driveways using our Snowplowing Program

Council annually reviews and approves a Gravel Program, outlining the priority roads for gravelling that year. Each road is gravelled every third year. 

If you are experiencing issues or feel your road needs to be gravelled, please contact us using our Report an Issue Form

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