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Water & Utilities

Saddle Hills County is a large, mostly rural county, which delivers a variety of services and utilities to businesses, residents, and industry. While the County is often not the direct provider of all utilities, we are committed to helping you to receive the services you require.

For Internet and Cell Service requirements, our Utility Communications Network (UCN) consists of a series of high quality CSA certified towers that can accommodate multiple service providers. For a list of providers, please visit our Internet and Cell Services page.

County Provided Services

The County provides water and sewage services to residents and businesses in the Hamlet of Woking and water services to other residents hooked-up to our Rural Potable Water Network. Residents hooked-up to the network can set up a Utility Account with us and receive monthly billing based on usage, as measured by water meters. Residents can choose to set up Pre-authorized Payments with the County, to have their bank accounts debited for utility or tax purposes.

Residents not currently connected to the Rural Potable Water Network who wish to be added, should complete a Rural Potable Water Servicing Agreement to express their interest. Areas of the County are added to the Rural Potable Water Network plan on a yearly basis, based on interest from residents. There is no fee associated with hook-ups.

If landowners wish to install a new water cistern on their property to help provide a source of potable water, the County provides a subsidy to help cover the costs. The subsidy covers 75% of the cost, up to a maximum of $5,000. To apply, please fill out and submit a Water Cistern Subsidy Application.

For those who are currently ineligible for the Rural Potable Water Project, we also offer a Remote Potable Water Hauling Subsidy

We provide potable water to rural residents and businesses throughout the remainder of the County by means of Truck Fill Stations, supplied by County owned and operated water treatment plants. The plants are located in Bonanza, Savanna, Woking, and Ksituan, at the County Administration Building. Truck fills are available for residential and commercial hauling at a rate of $4.00 per cubic meter (264.17 gallons - 219.97 UK gallons).

Residents can set up a Potable Water Account and manage it remotely for 24/7 access. For initial set up, please visit the County office, during regular business hours, and staff will be happy to assist you.


*Please be aware of the affects of chlorine treated water on your aquatic friends. Read our advice on Chlorine, Chloramine, and Fish Tanks for more information on how to provide your pets with the correct care.*

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