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Become an Agroclimate Impact Reporter

The Agroclimate Impact Reporter (AIR) is an online survey by Agriculture Canada designed for the collection and reporting of weather and climate impacts on farm operations across Canada.

The survey is open during the last week of the month over the growing season (April - October) and is intended to collect weather and climate impacts on farm operations which are then made into maps and published on the Drought Watch website. Survey responses inform scientists about conditions in a particular area and, once compiled, give them a clearer idea of conditions across Canada. The information provided can then be used to identify developing agroclimate trends as well as visualize the extent of agroclimate impacts to the farming sector.

To complete the survey and for more information, visit the Agroclimate Impactor Reporter page on the Agriculture Canada website:

You can also access hundreds of impact maps using the Agroclimate Impact Reporter Map Selector. View impact maps for Western Canada dating back to 2012 and impact maps for Eastern Canada in 2020.

  • soil moisture and erosion
  • crop, hay and pasture quality and staging
  • feed production and availability
  • water supply and quality, and much more.

Why participate in the Agroclimate Impact Reporter?

  • AIR helps science understand weather impacts on agricultural production.
    • AIR is a unique Canadian initiative that relies on volunteers across Canada to submit reports about the impacts of severe weather on agricultural production including field access, seeding and harvest delays, crop stage, and plant and livestock health.
  • AIR is citizen science
    • Weather impacts occurring on-the-ground cannot always be measured by hydro-meteorological stations, earth observation satellites, or computer models.
    • AIR volunteer reporting can help clarify the relationship between hydro-climatic instrument weather data and the human-experienced impacts of weather events on Canadian producers.
  • AIR is engaging and educational
    • Learn more about agroclimate conditions across Canada by examining AIR maps;
      Receive regular updates about AIR.

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