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Living Labs looking for Peace Region Producers to participate in Research Project

Are you a beef, forage or crop producer located in the Peace Region wanting to obtain data on the benefits and costs of practice change or interested in validating how certain on-farm practices may improve productivity, profitability or the environment?

The Alberta Agrisystems Living Lab (AALL), led by Alberta Beef Producers, is looking for beef, forage and cropping producers interested in partnering with researchers to implement or adapt Beneficial Management Practices (BMPs) on their operations and measure the productivity, profitability, and sustainability impacts.

This is a unique opportunity for producers to be 'hands-on' at every step of the process, from design through to implementation.

You'll have access to expertise and mentorship, bu you decide:

  • WHAT practices will be implemented
  • WHERE it will be implemented
  • HOW it should be implemented
  • SCALE of implementation and provide
  • FEEDBACK throughout

AALL participants will receive:

  • Personalized cost of production reports
  • Technical information such as soil mapping, forage yields, crop rotation recommendations
  • Compensation annually for providing their time and expertise for surveys, workshops and interviews
  • Personalized facilitation and peer group mentoring
Cropping Systems and Rotations

Integrating crop and livestock systems, zero/reduced tillage, inter/cover/poly cropping. pulse/legumes in rotation, residue management etc.

Land Use Changes

Marginal land to forages, pasture rejuvenation, wetland restoration, buffer strips, silvopasture etc.

Livestock Feeding and Grazing Management

Feed additives, diet formulation, precision feeding, stocking rates, grazing system types etc.

Nutrient Management

4R stewardship, manure management, nitrification inhibitors, high efficiency or variable rate fertilizers

Optimizing Carbon Storage

Determining where it can be most beneficial to attempt to store carbon on a landscape (eg. eroded knolls)


For more information or to sign up contact Jodi at or call (403) 809-3773

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