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Project Aurora - Bringing High Speed Fiber Internet to Saddle Hills County


2024-03-14: Project Aurora and Fiber Internet in Saddle Hills County

Saddle Hills County is pleased to formally announce the beginning of an exciting partnership with Canadian Fiber Optics and Northern Lights Fiber, to provide high-speed fiber internet connections to residents of Saddle Hills County.

The County is proud to be one of the first rural municipalities in the world to bring fiber internet to a typically underserviced area.

As we look towards a future where digital technology is increasingly at the forefront of how we communicate, learn, and do business, it cannot be overlooked how much a fiber internet connection means to a rural community like Saddle Hills County – Reeve Hubert.

The vast majority of residents will be eligible to be connected as part of the project, with approximately 787 households included in the initial scope. The hook-ups will be provided at no cost, with affordable low-cost plans offered by Northern Lights Fiber, from as low as $89 per month, or $70 per month for seniors.

Why fiber and why is it better?

While wireless connections and satellite links may serve current requirements, Saddle Hills County has chosen to bring the most modern infrastructure to not only support our residents and producers, but to also encourage economic growth well into the future.

Fiber internet has virtually no limit on speed or capacity and because of this abundance and the near limitless potential to increase these, there is no need to upgrade, rebuild, or reinvest in new fiber infrastructure for many generations to come. This means that the current installations will still service, and vastly outperform, any other service even decades down the line.

In the modern age, a strong and reliable internet connection is vital, not just for day-to-day life but also for business. This connection will mean that our core industries, such as agriculture, oil and gas, energy, and forestry, will not only be able to thrive in Alberta but also as competitors on the international stage.

How to find out if you are eligible to receive a fiber connection

Most homes in the County are eligible, with a few exceptions. The County and Northern Lights Fiber requests that anyone interested in fiber service, please complete a Fiber Access Request (FAR) at

More information

Construction has already begun in some areas of the County, although there is lots of work in the days, weeks, months, and years ahead. This is a multi-year project, with an estimated three-year timeline.

An experience booklet has been mailed to homes within the County, with information on construction times, costs, business connections, and lots more.

Saddle Hills County is just one part of this multi-million dollar project, brought to realization by funding from the Governments of Canada and Alberta, Saddle Hills County, and Canadian Fiber Optics.

Residents and landowners looking for more information on the project are asked to visit or call Northern Lights Fiber at 1-888-236-2947. Information will also be posted on the Saddle Hills County website and social media channels, as available.


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Photograph courtesy of My Grande Prairie Now

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