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SPRCL Serves all Central Peace Communities

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By Petrina Beale

Central Peace Coordinator    

South Peace Rural Community Learning


South Peace Rural Community Learning  (SPRCL), received funding from the Alberta Government to allow them to put a satellite office in the Resource Room of the Rycroft Municipal Library.  This allows SPRCL to better serve the Central Peace area, consisting of Rycroft, Spirit River, the M.D. of Sprit River, Counties of Birch Hills and Saddle Hills.

We have started to provide a variety of learning opportunities for rural residents, offering courses such as Gun Safety, First Aid, English as a Second Language, Spanish, Wellness Workshops (Anxiety to Calm, Happiness, Relationships in Motion, Persistent Pain, Health Basics, Journey Through Grief) and Family Literacy courses (in person or on-line). SPRCL wants to hear from residents on what and where they would like learning opportunities offered.

In addition to these courses and workshops, SPRCL offers support in adult literacy, numeracy, digital skills, and basic English language learning. We provide learning opportunities in Essential Skills, such as Reading, Writing Numeracy, Skills for Learning, Basic Digital Skills, English Language Learning with the focus on Foundational Learners.

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You may ask what is a Foundational Learner?

A Foundational Learner is a person who may experience challenges, either economic, social, or they may have barriers and not have the skills needed to advance in their careers or even find employment.

With all the changes due to the COVID pandemic, you may have found yourself or know someone who now needs different skills for their job or to find employment. This is where SPRCL comes in to help residents obtain those needed new skills.

SPRCL offers the residents of the Central Peace a satellite office located locally for those who are seeking a place to learn the new skills which are needed to better function in our changing world.

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If you need more information please do not hesitate to call or email myself Petrina Beale or contact Patricia Fair CALP Director of South Peace Rural Community Learning at 780-354-2656, Toll free: 1 866-538-4111, or email her at patricia.fair@sprclca  

You can more information on the SPRCL website (

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