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Your Agricultural Service Board

Image of Barley from Ag Service Boards Alberta
Image of Barley from Agricultural Service Boards Alberta.

Saddle Hills County's Agricultural Service Board

The Agricultural Service Board (ASB) advises Council on how to best serve our rural communities. The ASB provides services and recommendations to our producers.

The ASB also does inspections and research on pests, crop disease, and weeds in the County. Some of our research is in collaboration with the larger Peace region and the Province. We take pride in our producers running safe and successful operations.

The ASB meets about 8-12 times a year. Two Councillors and five members-at-large sit as members on the ASB. ASB members also attend tours and educational conferences outside the County to stay informed on the industry.

Agricultural Service Boards are provincially legislated and regulated in the province of Alberta.

ASBs in Alberta help:

  • manage agricultural weeds and pests
  • conserve soil and water
  • enhance and protect viable and sustainable agricultural practices
  • control of animal diseases
  • develop municipal policies

Your Saddle Hills County ASB advocates on behalf of local producers with the Provincial Government.

Graphic showing Impact of ASBs

Just a few of the things we do for you.

Weed and pest inspections are just two of the many useful tasks accomplished each year by your Ag Services Department under the direction of the Agricultural Services Board

Vegetation Management

- Mowing (roadside ditches)

- Herbicide Application

- Drone Inspections

- Weed Inspections

- Pest Inspections

Outreach Activities

- Communication

  • Crop conditions (reports to public)
  • Elk damage
  • Moisture conditions (reports to public)
  • Webinars
  • Townhalls
  • Surveys
  • Strategic Plan (Annual)
  • Annual Report
  • Social media presence
    • Ag Chat
    • Ag Trivia
    • Ag Webinars

Other Resources

Equipment Rentals

Livestock Protection Program

Winter Feeding & Watering For Livestock Resources

  • Pasture Water Systems
  • Drought Proofing Farm Water Supplies
  • Managed Grazing for Sheep and Goat Producers
  • Winter Feeding Cows
  • Water Pumping Program

Farm Animal Emergency Preparedness Plan

Veterinary Services Incorporated (VSI) Program


For more on Agricultural Service Boards in Alberta simply click on this link: Agricultural Service Boards Alberta

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