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Twp. Rd. 775 Re-Opened

Posted on Friday, November 27, 2020 05:48 PM

Crews re-opened Twp. Rd. 775 east of Rge. Rd. 72 today. The County would like to thank ratepayers, businesses and industry for your patience as we maintain County infrastructure.

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Twp. Rd. 775 Remains Closed

Posted on Thursday, October 22, 2020 08:38 AM

Twp. Rd. 775 from Rge. Rd. 73 to Rge. Rd. 72 will remain closed for bridge culvert repair until Friday, November 20th. Thank you for your patience as we maintain and improve our...

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Rge. Rd. 72 South of Hwy 49 OPEN

Posted on Thursday, October 15, 2020 09:03 AM

Rge. Rd. 72 was closed Wednesday (2020-10-15) South of Hwy 49 to the Happy Valley Road for installation of a centerline culvert. It is now re-opened (2020-10-16). Thank you for...

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Road Closures

Posted on Tuesday, September 29, 2020 09:46 AM

Two County roads will be closed for several weeks:


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Rge. Rd. 52 Closed Monday & Tuesday

Posted on Monday, September 21, 2020 09:55 AM

The County will be temporarily closing Rge. Rd. 52 between Hwy 677 and Twp. Rd. 770 between 9:00 am on Monday, September 21 and 3:00 pm on Tuesday, September 22. In order...