Visit us at the County office to buy a map. 

Land Ownership Maps  of the County are updated on an annual basis and are available for purchase at the County office in the following formats:



  • Wall Map (folded or rolled)  42” x 50”

$25.00 plus GST

  • Map Book (coil bound) 11” x 17”

$35.00 plus GST



  • Folded Wall Maps    

$5.00 plus GST (for first map, $2.00/additional map) 

  • Rolled Maps 

$26.00 plus GST (up to 3 maps, $2.50/additional map)

  • Map Book

$15.00 plus GST (each) 

Prices above do not include handling.

Land Ownership Map

County Land Ownership Map

Road Allowance Map

County Road Allowance Map

Approved Gravel Program Map

(Coming Soon)

For further information, please contact us.