When you subdivide land, you are legally dividing a single parcel of land into two or more smaller parcels. 

Before you apply or for any help with your application, please feel free to contact usWe are more than happy to help you get everything in order to begin the process of subdividing your land.

To apply, please complete a Subdivision Application Form.

The Subdivision Process

The process of subdividing results in each of these parcels having their own land title. Before you can register a subdivision with Alberta Land Titles, it must receive final approval from the County's subdivision authority.

You will follow the same process to shift or change the boundaries of existing parcels of land (boundary adjustment).

If the subdivision is not allowable under the current zoning district, you may require a rezoning or Land-Use Amendment Application. If this is the case, please contact our Development Coordinator, who can assist you.

The steps below outline the process of applying for a subdivision:

The Application Form

To apply, you will need to send the County a completed Subdivision Application Form, available online or at the County Office. You can either complete the form yourself or have an Alberta Land Surveyor or a professional planner assist you.

When filling out your application, make sure to include:

  • A sketch of the property including the location, dimension, and boundaries of the existing parcel, and of the proposed new parcel(s)
  • The location of all existing buildings, water supply, and sewage systems. Indicate the distances between each of these, as well as the distances to the property line
  • Features such as treed areas, sloughs, creeks, steep slopes, pipelines, and oil or gas wells
  • A current title search that's been printed within the last 30 days

Depending on your application, we may require additional information, but our Planning and Development team will be in touch with information of what is required.

Title Searches
You may order a title search through most licensing agencies, or through the County, for a fee.
Application Fees

 Application fee $200.00   Base application fee
 Fee per lot created  $100.00  This fee will also include the balance of the quarter. Example: $200.00 Application fee + $100.00 for new parcel created + $100.00 for balance of quarter = $400.00
 Title Search  $15.00  Plus GST; fee only applies if you have us order the title for you.
 Endorsement (final approval) fee per lot created  $100.00  Fee for the final approval of the subdivision. This is charged after the subdivision has been approved and an Alberta Land surveyor has prepared a plan.

To subdivide out a single parcel from a quarter section, the fee is $400.00.

Other subdividing costs include the fees of the Alberta Land Surveyor to prepare the Plan for registration, and the cost of registering the Plan at the Land Titles Office. Depending on the details of the subdivision proposal, there may be additional costs. For example, a multi-parcel Subdivision Application may require the completion of soil and water tests.


Once your Subdivision Application is approved, you will be mailed the approval, along with a copy of the approved tentative plan.

You should then take these documents to an Alberta Land Surveyor to have the appropriate documents prepared, such as a Descriptive Plan or Plan of Legal Survey. Once this plan is complete, and all conditions of the subdivision have been met, your surveyor will send the plan to us for final approval.

Once approved, your surveyor will take the approved plan to a Land Titles Office to complete the process.


The County has 20-days from submission of your application to review it and determine if it is complete. Once accepted, the County has 60-days to send the application to referral agencies and affected parties, and to issue a decision. The authority will approve the plan when all the conditions of the approval have been met. All approved plans will be returned to your surveyor to be registered at Land Titles.

Appealing a Subdivision Decision

You may appeal the decision of the subdivision authority if the subdivision has been refused, or if you object to the conditions of approval. 

Council, affected school authorities, and Provincial Government Departments may also appeal a subdivision decision. Landowners and residents near your subdivision do not have the right to appeal.

You must send your appeal, along with the appeal fee of $100.00, within 14 days after receiving the decision to:

Saddle Hills County

Subdivision and Development Appeal Board Clerk

RR1, Junction of Highways 49 and 725

Spirit River, AB, T0H 3G0

The Subdivision and Development Appeal Board will hear the appeal at a set date. Very rarely, the appeal may go to the Municipal Government Board. You will be notified of any relevant information in a letter.