Development Permits

Our planning department uses development permits to make sure that construction, businesses, and any other sort of land use in the County is safe and effective for the entire community. 

If you're doing any kind of construction or land work in the County, you may need a development permit. This includes any excavation and stockpiling, construction, renovation, or repairs.  It also includes changes in how the lands are used (e.g. turning a garage into a suite), or changes in the intensity of land use.

While we don't have business permits, all companies, including home-based businesses, require a development permit. 

Contact us to make sure that you've got the correct permits for the work you're doing.

See our Land Use Bylaw for a more complete list of definitions and details. We also have other Planning Documents that you may find useful. 

Safety Codes Permits

Saddle Hills County is a non-accredited municipality in the disciplines of Building, Electrical, Plumbing, Gas and Private Sewage Disposal Systems. These disciplines are legislated under the Alberta Safety Codes Act and the Permit Regulation.To apply for Safety Codes permits, please visit Municipal Affairs for a list of accredited agencies authorized to issue these permits in Saddle Hills County. You should review the associated regulations under the Alberta Safety Codes Act. For information on private sewage systems and required setbacks, please view Safety Tips, Private Sewage Treatment Systems Separation Distances.