Tree Seedling Program

Saddle Hills County has initiated a Tree Seedling Program for planting in spring of 2023.

Ratepayers can order a variety of tree seedlings through the Ag Services Department for planting on their property within the County boundaries.

  1. Eligible participants in the Tree Seedling Program will be limited to registered landowners within the boundaries of Saddle Hills County.
  2. Participants will be restricted to one order per year.
  3. Participant order fulfillment could be limited based on available supply.
  4. Participants shall have completed both Schedule 1 (Tree Seedling Program Order Form) and Schedule 2 (Tree Planting AGreement) prior to receiving seedlings.
  5. The Chief Administrative Officer or Designate shall;
  • place seedling orders on behalf of participants; and
  • coordinate seedling pick-up dates and times with participants

Image of cover of brochure

 Forms & Facts

Please fill out and submit the Tree Seedling Program Order Form & Tree Planting Agreement. (Pricing is in the form).

For details on individual species please review the Shelterbelt Species Quick Facts brochure.

If you have any questions, please email us and we will be glad to help.