Agricultural Service Board

The Agricultural Service Board (ASB) advises Council on how to best serve our agricultural producers. The ASB provides services and creates programs for our farmers. From giving pesticide recommendations to helping ranchers cover veterinary costs, our ASB is here to help.

ASBs are responsible for implementing and enforcing legislative requirements under the Agricultural Service Board Act, the Weed Control Act, the Agricultural Pests Act, the Soil Conservation Act, and to assist with the control of animal disease under the Animal Health Act. ASB’s work in their local communities to help manage weeds and pests, conserve soil and water, enhance and protect viable and sustainable agricultural practices, help with control of animal diseases, and develop municipal policies. Saddle Hills County’s ASB is unique in that there are five Members-At-Large, who sit on the Board who are active producers in the community .

The ASB also oversees inspections and research on pests, crop disease, and weeds in the County. Some of our research is in collaboration with the larger Peace region and the Province. We take pride in our farmers running safe and successful operations.

The ASB meets about 6-8 times a year. Two Councillors and six members-at-large sit as members on the ASB. ASB members also attend tours and educational conferences outside the County to stay informed on the industry. If you are interested in joining the ASB as a member-at-large, fill out our Member-at-Large Form.

The Province's Website is an incredible resource to learn more about ASBs.


Meet your Agricultural Service Board

Image of Saddle Hills County ASB, 2023

2023 ASB (L-R): Jace Earl, Kristen Smith, Shanelle Richard, Ed Armagost, Bruce Thomi, Adam Fitzpatrick,

Dan Bourassa (not pictured: Serena Reber)


Image of Adam Fitzpatrick, ASB Chair

Adam Fitzpatrick, ASB Chair: Adam grew up on a small farm in Bonanza. After graduating from high school, he went to work in the oilfield operating oil and gas wells. With his wife, Terri, he slowly started buying land and building a farm in 2005. They now farm with Terri’s family, calving 100 mixed beef cows in January and February and growing grains, oil seeds, and pulse crops. Adam still works full time in the oilfield, and he and Terri now have three children that they enjoy working with on the family farm.


Image of Jace Earl, ASB Vice Chair

Jace Earl, ASB Vice Chair: Jace grew up on his family farm on top of Blueberry Mountain raising cattle and oats. After completing his 4th Class Power Engineering at Grande Prairie Regional College, he spent the next 20 years supporting his farming habit with gas plant income. In the spring of 2020, he “retired” from the oil patch and began farming full time.


Image of Dan Bourassa, ASB Member

Dan Bourassa: Dan grew up on a small farm in Tangent AB. At the age of 12 his family left the farm and moved to Falher, AB. During high school he started working at the Alberta Wheat Pool elevators in Falher, Girouxville, Nampa and Donnelly. Dan is currently the Director of Operations of the Rycroft Ag Business Center, for Richardson Pioneer. Managing employees in grain operations, marketing, agronomy and crop input retail he has gained the knowledge and experience, over his 30-year career, that he can pass on to local farmers in the area. In his spare time, Dan operates a small hobby farm in the Blueberry Mountain area. He has four children and encourages them to be involved on the farm as much as possible. 


Serena Reber: Serena, along with her fiancé Mark, run a seed stock polled Hereford operation in Northmark. She has been involved in the cattle industry for over 30 years and has been a part of numerous cattle organizations such as 4-H, GP Beef Co-op and Feeder Associations, Peace Country Beef Congress, and the Peace River Hereford Club. She enjoys working on the Agricultural Service Board and bringing a fresh perspective to benefit the County and the agriculture community as a whole.


Image of Shanelle Richard, ASB Member

Shanelle Richard: Shanelle grew up in Altario, Alberta on a mixed farm, with cattle and grain farming. She was involved in the beef 4-H program throughout her school years. When she graduated high school she attended Olds College for two years, where she got her diploma in Agriculture Management and met her husband Josh. Shanelle now works for Schoorlemmer Seeds in Rycroft, selling canola and crop inputs as well as helping on her husband's family farm just outside of Spirit River.


Image of Bruce Thomi, ASB Member

Bruce Thomi: Bruce grew up on a grain farm west of Woking in the Northmark area and has always shown interest in farming and the community. He attended Lakeland College in Vermillion and graduated with a Crop Technology Diploma as well as an Agri-Business Diploma. After college, he returned to the family farm where he farms today with his wife, three children and parents.


Image of Kristen Smith, Deputy Reeve       Image of Ed Armagost, Councillor

Kristen Smith, Deputy Reeve & Ed Armagost, Councillor: Kristen & Ed are Saddle Hills County Councillors appointed to the Agricultural Service Board.  You can learn more about them and our other Councillors on our Council page.


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