Tree Advice and Information

Saddle Hills County's Ag Services Department works with a contracted Tree Specialist who is available to help you with any advice or information regarding trees.

We have created a Tree Resources Booklet, with multiple articles on all aspects of tree care and maintenance. A copy of this can be viewed or downloaded online here: Tree Resources Booklet. You can also pick up a copy from our office or request a copy be mailed to you.

If you would like further information on a specific issue or concern you are facing you can fill in the Report an Issue Form or contact Ag Services at or by calling (780) 864-3760.

Tree Resources by Toso Bozic 

Spruce Cone & Seed Production - 'Mast Year'

Drought & Watering Trees

Preparing Trees & Shrubs for Winter | Preparing Trees & Shrubs for Winter 2023/24

Winter Damage to Evergreen Trees

Drought & Trees - Impact, Care, and Maintenance

Forest Regeneration after Fire

Fall Tree Planting Fact Sheet

Seasonal/Fall Needle Drop

Tree Care & Planting Workshop Resources (2023)

Choosing Tree Species

Wildfire in Rural Areas

Tree Pruning Basics

Tree Pests Basics - Southern Alberta

Shelterbelt Rejuvenation

Planting, Care, Maintenance